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ID tag that can be riveted to thick leather collar

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I am trying to find a good metal ID tag/nameplate that I can rivet onto a leather Leerburg collar. I have a metal one that slides on the collar, but it's for extra thick collars (I don't think the regular one would slide onto the thick leather), and although it fits, it falls off everytime I remove his collar for something. I'm afraid one of these days it will come off and I will forget to put it back on. I don't want the ID tags that hang, b/c that combined with the hanging rabies tag makes way too much noise.

Is there a good quality ID plate that I can put onto Kodee's collar myself, that will stay on? The Leerburg collars are so thick (which I love), I'm afraid that if I order one, the rivets won't go through and/or stay in place. I'd like one that I can put our address on and TWO phone numbers - most tags I've seen don't fit that much info.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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We have their brass rivet-on tags on all our dogs' leather collars.
Super nice tags and great customer service.

Our collars are all single layer leather though. Never seen a need for double layer leather. If your collar is super thick, I'm not sure they would work.
Hi, Chris-

That is the same site I ordered his slide on tag from. I never thought about buying "pop rivets" at the hardware store to put them on. I may try that. I like their products... the collar Kodee has is single layer leather, but it's thick leather - not like a lot of the leather collars at pet stores...

Thanks again!
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I use these and they come with multiple sizes of rivets:

They last years with my dogs before the letters start wearing down. I've even removed them to put on new collars.
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