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i think i found the help i needed

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i finaly found a trainer that i feel pretty good about.some of you already know that i'm having difficulty with annie.(dog to dog agression)
i took annie and oliver this morning to get them evaluated.we did a little test with annie,i had her next to me,and the trainer ask another dog owner to bring in his malinois(this guy was also there to get his dog evaluated)and annie started to bark and pulling(both dogs were on leashes).so the trainer went inside her house,came back with a prong type collar and we put it on annie.she instructed me how to use it,and...and... wow i finnaly had control of annie just like that!in about 30 seconds.
then we did oliver,same thing he took about 10 seconds to get use to it.he doesn't have an agression problem,just a over loving addiction.
she is going to order me 2 of those collars,they are expensive,but they are stainless and very light,imported from europe.
so i'm going to set up a schedule for her to work with me and my furry kids.i will keep everyone posted on how the training is going.
here is the web site for the place i'm going to.
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Congrats on finding a trainer you like, and that you had success already. Many of us use the prong collar cause it works so well.

Did the collars look like these prongs? ( photo from )

You can buy them tomorrow at many pet stores and online.

I personally prefer the smaller sized prongs for my dog than the one shown on the Doberman above. I feel I get even more control and can fit it better with the smaller links.

Here's some more sites:

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

And from This site:

Prong W/Quick Release Snap By Herm Sprenger

Prong w/o snap has good background info for use of the collar.
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it does look like it.
i saw them also at pet smart,but the one that i use today is very light compared to those that i can get locally.
one of the guy this morning had one that he got locally and i held it in my hand and i was able to tell the difference between the two.
also,it is stainless steel.
Great news! Very happy to hear that things are looking up!

The Stainless Steel collars from Europe are probably Herm Springer. Very good quality, and I would choose those over what is available at pet shops (assuming that the pet shop ones are NOT Herm Springer collars.) The cheaper ones are usually chromed steel. The chrome will wear off, and the collar will rust.

Stainless steel is the way to go!
The ones sold at Petsmart are the Top Paw brand, at least in my area. They're not the best quality. Sometimes the prongs aren't completely rounded, but have flat / sharp edges. And the chrome does wear off, like Castlemaid said.

The German ones are Herm Sprenger (not Springer). You can get them from any of the dealers that carry quality working dog equipment, like Ray Allen, Elite K9, etc. They come in a wide variety of finishes, too. Elite K9 carries them in stainless, curogan, and antique steel finishes. In price, they range from $13 for the chrome plated to $40 for the stainless. You also can get them with a quick-release snap and a metal slide-release buckle.
everybody,thanks.she told me they were about $50,she had to order them because she sold out.
i just can not beleive the difference that makes.
i think i'm going to schedule our first session for thuesday.
Another vote here for getting the "small" links. I find it gives me better control and fit and I get more response from even a light correction. You can absolutely get a Herm Springer brand collar for less than $50, but you might not have it in time for starting classes on Tuesday. Although if it's $50 for the two then that's a good price.

I agree, the difference is amazing and it is almost instantaneous. Not every dog needs a prong (our trainer says the dog will let you know which collar they need), but I've found them to be so helpful with so many fosters.
it's $50 for one! like historian pointed out $13 to $40.i guess there is a small price to pay for quality.
the trainer does have some collars that i can use until i get mine.
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