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Well Friday was the big day

We attended a herding clinic with Dawna Sims - put on by my local Aussie Club.

I have never had a better time. Kati
and I were the only non-aussie's and boy did we show them how a German Shepherd herds.
did just fantastic. It was only her 2nd time in with sheep, it took her all but 1 minute to figure it out. I could actually turn my back and have her walk the sheep behind me. When I turned around, the sheep stopped and she stopped at the correct distance even.

Dawna could not get over the natural talent of Kati
. She said Kati
is the best green GSD she has ever seen. I can only describe it as totally peaceful, me walking, the sheep following with Kati
bring up the rear. None of that frentic Border Collie or Aussie circle.

I see serious sheepherding - or should I say Tending - in our future

Oh - by the way - Cinder, my Aussie/Kelpie mix earned her CD on Sunday at the show

It was truly an amazing weekend for the pack

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I had the time of my life

Thursday night I helped set up for herding

Friday, all day, was the herding clinic

Saturday, all day, was the Obedience Trial

Sunday, Obedience trial until 3:30

Then I had 3 trainingclasses - from 4:15 until 7:30

I got home about 8:00

By the time I had everyone squared away it was 10:00 pm

I collapsed in bed - the puppers could have gone another 2 rounds

This coming weekend I have a 3 day show in Rally.

I am getting to old for this
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