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So it seems that while I've succeeded in training Kenya some hard stuff, I've ruined all the basics. For example, since I got her almost a year ago, anytime I pause she will sit or lay down by default. For whatever reason, I decided I didn't want this, so I trained her that the default is a "halt" which to her means stop in standing position at heel and wait for the next command. If I want her to sit or down, I'll give the command just as I'm stopping so it's a fluid motion. Another thing we've been working REALLY hard on is moving backward, tight left pivots, and just a general hind end awareness. We've pretty much got the left pivot (needs some luring) and she can actually do the three steps back for the RE level. Now the problem is that we are practicing every day for next weekend, we have three shows in a row for RA and of all the obstacles, the ones involving sits are the worst! Now when I come to a stop she stands there and looks at me intently and I sometimes I have to repeat "sit" 2 times. Or, I ask for a sit but she takes steps backward or left instead of sitting down. I guess it's not all bad and I'm happy she's caught on to moving backward and is offering it so readily, but now we have one week for ME to clean up my body language and hand signals so I'm crystal clear what is SIT and what is GET IN (move back).

Also, I'm nervous about doing RA. I bitched and moaned about being on a leash for so long and now that we are off I'm having nightmares that my dog will take off after a jump, or run to a friend in the crowd...

Just need to get through next weekend and we will be done with rally and shifting gears. We're in an APDT rally class but after the show I'm taking my other dog b/c he's a mutt so APDT rally is one of the few things he can actually do. Kenya will be continuing with agility, starting herding, and switching gears to SchH style obedience.
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