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This is a great time to start some attention training and since your girl is SO motivated by food, I would recommend just using her food for the training. This means that for now she won't be getting her food from a bowl on the floor - every bit of food she gets will be given by you (or one of your family members, since they may all get into the training) and your pup will soon realize that in order to get the food, she needs to respond in some way.

There are tips for attention training on my website at . She's not too young to start this. I start all of my dogs on attention as soon as they come to me, and they just thrive on it. Just take it slowly at first and reward her for even a little glance at you initially. When you hold the food in your hands and she tries to get at it, you just keep your hands closed, smile and think to yourself "well, that won't get you what you want" and let her figure it out. She'll only get what SHE wants (the food) when you get what YOU want (a little calm, attentive behavior). The website explains it all.

Be glad you have a food motivated pup! They're much easier to train because YOU control all the food and she'll really have the desire to work for it once she figures it all out. Hand feeding seems kind of awkward at first but it's well worth it (and if you're feeding kibble, give a little handful for each reward - don't try to do one piece of kibble at a time or it will take too long!).

Melanie and the gang in Alaska
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