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I need some help to tame this chewer

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The only behavioral problem I have with Nikkia is she has broken her crate (Airline) she can also get out of our Wire crate I don't know what to do with her she is and angle when I am home always listens and obeys but once I'm gone she breaks our of her crate and destroys the house! She is exercised daily a 2 hour walk, practicing Agility, Playing at the school across the street so I don't know what to do with her I have given her bones and kongs but she chews on everything but them. She never does any of this when I am home but as soon as I leave she does I know it is separation anxiety but how do I help her I have never made a big deal about coming or going I usually just ignore her for about the first 5 mins when I come home. I really need to figure out what to do though before she gets into something dangerous. And before I have nothing left that is unchewed.
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I have one rescue that has chewed through her airline crate also and bends the heck out of wire ones. she's pretty good when she's out of the crate but it aggravates two others (rescues) who are in crates, one of whom I'm not sure I would trust out with the others and I'm afraid all the aggravation will cause her to bust out of her crate (has happened before) and there will be a fight. I tried no chew spray, she licks it. I tried habanero pepper sauce, she licks it. When she is in her crate and I let her out she jumps all over me and tries to nip. She also barks furiously at one of my dogs in particular when it's time to go to bed. I've controlled that with a spray bottle with vinegar and water, it helps.
To keep Brenna in her crate what I did was to get snap hooks (you could also use small locks) and put them along the corners where the sides of the crate meet. I would also put a couple on the door. She's better now (thank goodness) I guess she is calming down. I don't even use the snap hooks anymore.
Quote:She is exercised daily a 2 hour walk
Is that on leash?

Cause if it is, you can take the same amount of time (or less) and get a MUCH more tired dog with OFF leash opportunities. Hiking, swimming, tears thru the woods. I know my offleash dogs run at least 3 to 4 times the distance I travel. And WAY faster with the off leash thing.

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It is off and on leash On on the way down and off while we are there I have never had the problems with her before it's just been within the last month or to lately she had just been staying in the laundry room with a doggie door to the out side but now she had started opening doors!! She stands up on her hind legs and toggles the knob till the door swing open I wouldn't have so much a problem with it if she didn't get into the fridge trash and pantry....I used to be able to leave her out then one day she just got it in her mind that she could eat every thing. this is the only real problem I've ever had with her so I'm trying to figure this out. I'm thinking about going and buying some child locks for the doors.
I am sorry to laugh, but I couldn't help it when picturing a GSD wiggling a door knob until it opens! They are so smart.
I watched her do it one day because I didn't know if she was really opening it or if some one was going in there and forgetting to shut it all the way before we left. So I sat down by the door the had the rest of the family pretend to leave and she waited about ten minutes until she was sure we were gone then the door knob started to wiggle the door flew open and she walked out then she saw me put a guilty look on her face and casually turned and walked out the dog door to the back yard cause she knew she was in trouble.
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