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Originally Posted By: matt1970lemans Anyway how do I untrain him from going over to every dog he sees?He's more out to go over to every dog then every person.
I don't think you should look at this as "untraining" your dog because IMO the socializing you've done so far is good, consodering he is a little over one year. You just need to take it to the next level-those steps suggested be DianeM and Wisc Tiger. I tend to think of socializing in several different ways-being able to meet n greet other dogs and being able to be with other dogs without actual interaction with them.

The piece you need to add to your training so far tie in to what Diane and wisc tiger advised. You now need to get control of/train your dog so he knows to look to you as to when it is okay to "meet n greet" and when it is time for him to focus and pay attention to you in the midst of other dogs about the two of you.

I spend a lot of time in parks where dogs are allowed off leash. In these places, Kayla may do a meet n' greets. Due to the size of most of these parks I can usually see and observe approaching dogs & owners. If there is something that makes me uncomfortable, we can move off in another direction or I can call Kayla to me. The leave it command works in this situation though I tend to use a recall or the command "with me".

We also attend a lot of trials/fun matches. In these situations approaching other dogs is for the most part simply not done though they are all around. This is also socializing - the dog needs to be attentive to me and capable of moving around a lot of other dogs without interacting with them AND be able to control herself if another dog comes up on her-not everyone at these events is considerate of how others may not want the doggy interaction. Whether you plan on trialing your dog on not, you want the capability of being able to have your dog in this type of environment and completely well behaved and under your control - focused on you and capable of turning off the "need to say hi."
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