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That's great news!
If it were me, I'd take them all with me at once, and rent a big truck from the airport for the crates and luggage.
We rent in the States all the time with Canadian licenses and it's really easy, an out of state license should be no problem.
We rent a Ford Explorer or Expedition... it runs about $100/day total with tax and insurance (insurance is $30/day but trust me, just get it lol)
At North American airports I always see "helpers" waiting by the gates, if you're struggling with your things they pick up your stuff and carry it wherever you need to go (for a tip of course)... we give them $20 if they're really helpful.
You may just want to place an ad on craigslist or kijiji to have someone pick you guys up and drop you off wherever you need to go. I'd do it but I'm 6 hours away :D
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