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Update: took him in for a chip check a few hours ago and

NO CHIP!! LOL yayyy , no reports, no missing, so, he's mine! 馃槄

Registerd and complete with pawprint lol

This is Duke, my King Shepherd Mix (they think) coming in at 17lbs and 10 weeks old 馃槻馃構

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So here's what happened...

I went out to my car, I live in a rural town. Not small but not LA, inner city is pretty crowded. But again, it's not LA.

I go out and my dog (shepsky male) bee lines at my car and I hear this horrible noise. Like a kid screaming, I go Over and my dog is staring at this ridiculously little dog. My guess was about 10lbs. He's not moving, I wondered if it could even see because it wasn't reacting to me at all. I reached down and it seemed really surprised by my touch but he didn't run or move, I scooped him up and he stopped screaming. He was absolutely filthy.

For such a presumably young dog his ears were shockingly dirty, his fur was dusty but still fairly fluffy.

I looked around, I even shouted for whoever left their dog but there was noone, which is odd for a busy part of town, just dead nothin.

So I took him in and I let him chill with my dog. He mostly just slept. I didn't want to do anything to freak him out, so I went back to doing what I do and I came back to him when he seemed awake. First I gave him a bath cause he needed it. What I found was this glass like or even fiberglass debree stuck deep in his fur. It took a bit but I got it off. Probably second bath a few days later was the end of that.

But given his state, I guess I felt ambivalent about seriously looking for his original "home"?

Noone came around and I saw no postings for him on any social site or animal Control or Humane Society, I even checked lost and found sites. Nothing regarding a male GS puppy.

I didn't want to post him either because I could easily imagine someone looking to sell him off and claiming him for that purpose alone.

Idk what the right thing to do was. I'm not familiar with any of this.

The dog I have was given to me by a guy who didn't have room for him. Extremely informal.

So now I've had this little dude for nearly 2 weeks. I originally thought he was blind. But he now can track stuff in front of his face without too much problem. I will take him to a vet this week, but what In the **** do I say about him? "Hi, I found this, tell me about him, thanks. 馃馃槖馃槼 and no, I didn't steal him... " ugh...

Anyway, I have no interest in using him to sell and my kid is pretty attached, and He is becoming pretty attached to our tiny household of just us.

I've been socializing him with people and mostly we hang out. He free feeds with My older dog. He's learning from Calvin how to do his business outside thank god

Idk... what do I do? And my other question is if anyone might be able to guess an age? Or know if he's a king shepherd or a German Shepherd. Please and thank you.

Here are some photos, he's almost doubled in size in only 2 weeks.

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I kinda wonder, given the state of him when you found him, if he escaped a car crash or something. Or even a house fire (fiberglass? like insulation?). But yeah if someone were looking for him I'd think they'd post somewhere. I understand your hesitation to post something yourself.

There's a chance he's microchipped, which the vet can check when you take him in.

Otherwise...I'd have probably done exactly what you did, except I might have taken him to the vet a bit sooner.

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Hea adorable. Take him to the vet, check for microchip, let the vet know you have him if someone calls looking.

Maybe call the local SPCA (do you have that there or is that a Canadian thing?)

Other than that, enjoy the pup. I think you did the right thing if that counts for anything!

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It sounds like you have been very kind to an adorable and, possibly, abandoned puppy. Yes, get him to a vet and be perfectly candid. Hopefully, you have a vet who already knows you? That would be a benefit as a testimonial for your character, should that ever come up. The fact that you haven't found any notices suggests no one is looking. I know here, also a rural community, if any pet goes missing (including parakeets), there are posters and notices everywhere.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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A gazilllion years ago I picked a pup up out of traffic and took him home. I figured he was a cemetary dog. He was a beagle mix. Once I got him home I realized I just picked a dog up off a busy street that was probably feral and I had no idea whether he was healthy or not and I had one child at that time , so I called a local vet. He told me to bring him in for a check up. I did, he gave him shots and congratulated me on my new dog. I had him a long time, about 15 years. A few years ago I went out to my car and a dog was waiting for me. It was the 5th of July so I figured he was lost. I spent the next month searching for his owner. I called all the local shelters (they register found dogs and try to match them with people looking for their dog), I called Animal Control, one shelter suggested I take him around to local vets to see if anyone recognized him. No one did but they all checked for a chip. One vet took stitches he had out and gave him some shots and antibiotics. I put an ad in the local newspapers. Nothing. About then we realized 3 dogs was one too many and he had serious separation anxiety so we took him to the Humane society as a surrender. He was still on their website almost a year later. All you can do is your best efforts to find where he belongs. If someone isn't looking for him, congratulations on your beautiful new pup and welcome to the forum.

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If he had insulation in his coat, maybe he was living in an abandoned house or building site, and had burrowed into the insulation to keep warm?

What a cute looking pup! He looks like he's well bred, too. You definitely should check for a chip - he could have gotten lost. Puppies are small enough that they can sometimes slip underneath a fence or gate that is secure for an adult dog. I wouldn't automatically assume he was abandoned. Though given how cute he is, it's definitely tempting! 馃榿

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I would like to add that to be sure he wasn't lost, take a photo and take it to the animal shelters, animal rescues, and veterinarian offices. Somebody may be looking for it. It's a beautiful dog. If nobody claims him, he is yours if you want to keep him.
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