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Would you allow your male to stud a un registered bitch
Oh geesh, you guys are no fun. This is a hypothetical question and we're talking about a PERFECT in every way, including genetically, dog.

Today we know the proper response to this question is no, you should not allow your stud to be used. Everyone has pretty much stated all the valid reasons why it shouldn't be done, but there are always going to be people looking for the perfect breed...and there will always be people who don't play by the rules and mix breeds trying to find that perfect specimen.

Should a breeder pass up the opportunity to develop a line of perfect dogs because of paper?

Let's face it, most modern breeds were created or at least refined by people with a vision. GSD's haven't been wandering the planet since the beginning of time they're a relatively new breed and they're designed by man.

The founder of the breed had a vision for what the perfect shepherding dog should be. When he found a male that fit this perfect image he began a breeding program using dogs he felt would refine and improve the "new" breed. The German Shepherd was born and man has continued to refine, manipulate and perfect, or not, the breed for 100 years.

If that genetically perfect female really existed I wouldn't think less of a breeder for using her as they tried to develop a new breed or improve on the one we have.
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