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I have another puppy ....

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I work as a vet tech. Today animal control brought in a 3 - 4 month lab puppy that had been hit by a car. One hind foot was pretty much degloved and once given an estimate of $500+ to repair the damage the animal control officer said the city couldn't pay that amount and that we should euthanise. I asked what if we found someone to take her - the officer said that would be fine.

Long story short I now have a very broken Lab puppy. We took more radiographs and she also has broken off her femoral head :-( I can't afford thousands of dollars to fix her, but also couldn't just euthanise her.... Tomorrow I'll be taking her into my "other job" and will get an orthopedic and surgical consult and find out what all this will cost. The animal control officer was very grateful that the pup was saved and is going to contact local lab rescue and see if she can get her into rescue or some donations towards the surgery this girl needs.

I guess that big "S" on my forehead is glowing brightly tonight....
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I think the S stands for saint.

It would have been easy to do nothing.
Awww, that was very nice of you! You should be proud of yourself!
You have such a good heart. Keep us posted on how it goes.
Yes, the S stands for what a Super special woman you are. That is one lucky pup. Its funny how a dog will just come into our life at the funniest time and its usually through a accident or death of someone else. that happens i think because we belong together with a particular animal for a reason
how is the super pup? i have been thinking of this pup alot.
Hi Spiritsmam,

You really did a great job!!!

The puppy you saved was lucky to find a person which such a big

Good luck to you and your new puppy!!!
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