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I had to rehome my female yesterday :(

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I rehomed my female shephard "Moxie" to a very nice couple that own another shepherd and wanted a companion for him. I REALLY hated to see Moxie go but she needed far more exercise than we could give her and it was causing behavior problems. The straw that broke the camels back was last week when Moxie and my other Shepherd Thello somehow got out of my fenced in backyard and chased some school children around, a little girl got a few scrathches on her leg and that scared me because I could have been sued or one of the dogs been put down had the scratch bled. I dodged a bullet on that incident and decided that Moxie had to find a better home. We all know how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet for any reason and even though Moxie will be happier at her new home I miss her. Since becoming a first time dog owner on Feb. 9 2009 I now have a deep hate for anyone who is cruel to animals and a deep love for shepherds and animals in general. Things are much better now with just my male in the house and no snarling and snapping going on, it's so quiet ! We are all lucky to have these animals in our lives.

Thanks for reading my story and enjoy your shepherds as much as I do,



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Thanks ! It helps to talk to others that know my dilemma.
Well Doggiedad thanks for your input, I guess. I rehomed Moxie also because she was so high energy that having her cooped up in the house was starting to cause behavior problems and that's not fair to her. The solution would have been a LOT more exercise which is what her new place will provide her with.

As for the snarling and snapping issue : we got our female Moxie then 4 months later brought our male "Thello" into the picture and it took awhile for them to get along but Moxie would still pick on him causing skirmishes and since I have a 7 month old baby with the possibility of another baby on the horizon I decided that having two shepherds around two little kids is too much risk. Yes I could have done better but how much better ?
Definitely a crappy situation that is now resolved. I learned a LOT, made mistakes and now know what to do better in the future. I will be periodically checking on Moxie and if she is being mistreated or neglected I'll take her back and do things right.
Thanks everyone ! hahaha I just got a phone call and Moxies not working out at the new home so back here she comes. Sheesh. Now what ?
I exercise her one hour per day and that is nowhere near enough. Moxie got into a tussle (fight) with the "new" owners other shepherd and that was it. sheesh. here's my question for all of you "experts" if you are in fact so good with shepherds then how do I get Moxie to stop being so incredibly dominant ???

No criticisms here, I'm looking for good advise and help on this to help Moxie.
Thank you everyone, I felt very put down earlier in this thread by a certain truck driver / writer and that gives me a negative view of this mesageboard however that won't prevent me from doing the right thing for Moxie. I refuse to give her to anyone who won't take proper care of her and that's why I'm here. I appreciate the input I am getting here on her behalf. I think that a big part of being a responsible adult is admitting when you are overwhelmed and seeking help to correct it so that is what I am doing.

I have to add that my male shepherd is EXTREMELY ralaxed and seems to need nothing yet the polar opposite is Moxie who is very active and needs tons of attention that I am unable to give for her. I was really lucky that no one was hurt when they both got lose and I'm not going to risk it again. We'll see what happens but while I find a home for Moxie I will work on her behavior and dominance issues and maybe we can keep her !
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Update : Moxie's doing great ! I give her double the exercise as my other shepherd and that has worked out a lot of her behavior issues. I'm keeping her and investing the proper time into keeping her happy and inline. Thank you to all who gave me advise ; learning is a difficult, time consuming, frustrating process that can be insulting at times but will be great in the end. Thank you all (except the truck driver/writer) and I'll be lurking around here learning more.
Thanks Liv and Vat ! What a learning curve and I've still got my dogs. I can't believe their are people who drop their animals off at shelters instead of even try and rehome them much less try and work their problems out. My rehoming debacle was due to a few factors that I didn't mention : (1) wife fell and broke both her elbows so she couldn't lift anything for quite a few weeks, with a 7 month old baby thibgs get difficult, (2) We want another child and my wife didn't think she could handle 2 shepherds and 2 kids while I'm away working. She does now :) (3) Don't let your dogs out of your sight, never unnattended so they don't get loose and frloick with kids that are scared of them. (4) your homeowners insurance usually covers dog related problems unless you have a pitbull then it won't (talked to my insurance agent. (5) exercise requirements vary widely from dog to dog, didn't realize that. (6) A tired dog is an obedient dog.

Lessons learned. Going to go pet Moxie now !
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Great input ! Thanks. We did a basic obedience class with Mox. and that went well. Agility class will happen ASAP. Great advice on the kids but my wifes biological clock is ticking at a deafening pace, surprised the dogs can still hear anything :)
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