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I had to rehome my female yesterday :(

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I rehomed my female shephard "Moxie" to a very nice couple that own another shepherd and wanted a companion for him. I REALLY hated to see Moxie go but she needed far more exercise than we could give her and it was causing behavior problems. The straw that broke the camels back was last week when Moxie and my other Shepherd Thello somehow got out of my fenced in backyard and chased some school children around, a little girl got a few scrathches on her leg and that scared me because I could have been sued or one of the dogs been put down had the scratch bled. I dodged a bullet on that incident and decided that Moxie had to find a better home. We all know how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet for any reason and even though Moxie will be happier at her new home I miss her. Since becoming a first time dog owner on Feb. 9 2009 I now have a deep hate for anyone who is cruel to animals and a deep love for shepherds and animals in general. Things are much better now with just my male in the house and no snarling and snapping going on, it's so quiet ! We are all lucky to have these animals in our lives.

Thanks for reading my story and enjoy your shepherds as much as I do,



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Its obvious that coming to the decision to rehome Moxie was tough for you. I respect you for rehoming him and committing to check on him. A lot of people dump dogs off at the shelter. I don't know how much exercise your dogs get or what your training methods are. But I can tell you that Mac requires more exercise than I ever imagined. If I had a baby or even a full time job...I personally couldn't do it. So I understand how you feel. Take care.
Sorry things didn't work out with the new owners. How old is Moxie? How long have you had her? I know that an hour a day would not be enough for my Mac either. But I luckily work from home and I don't have a baby so I have more time and energy. However, there was a week or so during the summer when I was swamped with work and couldn't give him all of the time he needed so I paid someone to play with him and walk him an hour a day. Is that an option for you?
What I meant when I said "if I could do it all over again I would buy from that BYB again" I meant that now that I have had him I wouldn't change it for the world even if I could go back and fix it, I already know him and I love everything about him. He is everything that I was looking for in a dog.

In the future though when I am ready to bring in another GSD if I decide to get a puppy I will be buying from a reputible breeder but if I choose to go for a older puppy or an adult dog I will go through rescue.
I feel the same way.
... We'll see what happens but while I find a home for Moxie I will work on her behavior and dominance issues and maybe we can keep her !
Scotty, I think thats a great idea. Maybe you can keep her or at least give her a better chance for a permanent home.

I can tell you that by taking charge and creating structure for Mac I completely turned things around for us. A few weeks ago I was at the end of the rope...literally sobbing I was so exhausted. And worst of all I knew I was failing Mac. I took some great advice from some cool people and within a week I saw a difference. My husband even comments how much better Mac is behaving. I took charge and set a schedule. I don't know if it will be that easy for you but my point is that there is hope for change. Good luck and take care.
1 - 4 of 122 Posts
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