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So, everyone knows that part of puppyhood is tearing stuff up, lol.

Ozzy has never really torn anything up. I think he's only really got the foam on some headphones I was going to throw away anyway, and his crate bed.

WEll, today he got back for allll those things he never got before. This morning, since I didn't have to go to school, when Mom got up, he woke up. He had to pee and I was too tired from staying up late, and I just let him out of my room and went back to bed. (Stupid me!)

I went out of my room and went downstairs. Toilet paper. EVERYWHERE. Loofa confetti. DS stylus. Clothes strewn across the house. Random things that were in my floor are now downstairs. Got some papers. Well. Not so much papers anymore.

I just looked at him while he looked at me, oh so innocently. I sighed, grabbed the broom, and said, "Stupid, stupid me...."
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