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I Got My New Toy!!!

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Well, i bit the bullet and decided to try this new Hydrosurge Rapid Bath. Now mind you, i have a pump, not city water. pressure is good, but city water is much better. i went to petsmart while it was on sale for 64.99 and purchased it. i must tell you, i am impressed. i too was skeptical about the thick coats of my gsd and my goldie. let me tell ya!! i did my gsd, lab/shepherd mix, and 2 pugs (my goldie was recently done at the grooming shop i work at), in about a 1/2 hour!!!! they smelled fresh, clean and were really super shiny. after i let them dry really well, i went over them with the furminator. storm looks like his coat is show quality. even my 11 year old lab/shepherd's coat looked like he was young again. it had a dull appearance. i really liked it. it was easy, less mess, my bathroom was nice and clean, and the hose was long enough to hook to my showerhead and i didn't have to bend over. the lather did get down to the skin. it really did power through storm's thick coat. even my fawn pug, who has a pretty thick coat also, it did the job. i especially like the fact that i do not have to shlep 4 dogs to the grooming shop and pay in the range of 200.00 for bath's every 6 to 8 weeks. this thing already paid for itself. for those of you who think it's a scam, see if you can try it for 2 weeks. petsmart told me if i'm not satisfied i can bring it back in 2 weeks no questions asked. at first i wasn't thrilled about using their shampoo, but it smelled beautiful with no coverup strong shampoo smell, just a nice clean fragrance with a hint (i describe it as baby powder). here is the demo's that they give you in the booklet that the rapidbath comes with.
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Sounds great. I think I may run to Petsmart today at lunch. How long was the sale running?
not sure how long the sale is running sue, but i got mine yesterday. it's normally 69.99, but still very much worth it when you compare 42.00 for one grooming session!!!!

p.s., let me know what you think....i luv mine!!!
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