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I got into a fight with my dog, i have a question !

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hey guys
yesterday i was walking with my 4 months old puppy and i got into a fight with a bunch of boys trying to steal my pup. thanks god i got my friends to help and i got my dog now.
and my dog loves me so much and always follows me and start moving around and barking and pulling if one of my friends keep him away from me and never let someone take him away from me, but when the boys were trying to take him he didn't bark he didn't bite but when i called his name and ran, he followed me.
what i wanna ask, how can make my dog know that in such case he should bite or attack them, because if he did that with one of them, all of them will run and i was in real danger and he did nothing !
i believe he is still young, so i wanna make this puppy only only only loves me ! i live alone with my father and mother, and they never get in touch with the dog, so i'm the only one owner of it.
and i don't really have the money to spend for training classes or anything because they are very very very expensive here !
so please guys let me know how to make my dog only friendly with me and to protect himself first and then me !
maybe it's bad to make him attack and i believe it, but it is worst if he get attacked and I.
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i apologize but how old are you? and how much do you actually know about this breed? Your dog is 4 months old! You can NOT in your right mind, expect him to protect you or himself at this age! These dogs need EXTENSIVE socialization otherwise you could have a very dangerous animal on your hands which not only makes it more likely your dog would be put down for aggression but it also gives people another reason to put our breed in a bad light which is what we're trying to fight against by PROPER training, PROPER socialization, PROPER handling... We continually fight against breed prejudice because someone didnt do what they needed to do in order to have a well balanced dog that knew when to fight and when to take flight. Seriously! I was EXTREMELY disappointed to read this post. YOU have to take great steps to socialize your dog PROPERLY! YOU have to take great steps to TRAIN your dog PROPERLY! YOU have to take great steps to RAISE a well balanced dog that puts the breed in the POSITIVE light it not only deserves but to put the rest of us RESPONSIBLE owners in a positive. We all work very hard to keep our dogs by raising them and training them properly. After reading this post, i dont think you deserve having this dog in your life because it sounds to me like you intend to abuse the power these dogs have as adults. If these people were really trying to steal your dog, what the **** were you doing walking him there in the first place. You PUPPY is just that! A PUPPY!!! They know NOTHING beyond playing. You put your dog in a negative situation that could very well cause permanent damage mentally and could not be corrected. You dont sound old enough to understand what you've gotten into much less what you're doing. PLEASE do right by this dog. Do what you're supposed to be. Without socializing and training properly, you are risking the loss of your dog because this can create serious trouble should the dog bite in the wrong instance. YOU would be the reason your dog were to get put to sleep because you didnt do the right things to raise a WELL BALANCED and WELL TRAINED dog. Could you live with yourself knowing you had caused his death because you failed to do right by him?

And in all honesty (still!!)... i seriously doubt anyone on this board is going to tell you how to continue being irresponsible. ESPECIALLY with a puppy. Train properly, socialize properly and constantly! THATS how you get a dog that knows how to handle things.
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