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I didn't do it!

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Being that my wife and I are total newbs when it comes to own a GSD, we are just learning the goods of being the dog owners on every possible level. Well, yesterday all of the sudden I see Bella pulling toilet paper out of the bathroom, almost half a roll. I notice it and start talking down to her how bad of a girl she is and what not, so she jumps on the couch and covers her face with the front paws looking up at me. I automatically thought of K-9 with James Belushi, I couldn't hold it and started laughing so hard it brought me to my tears!

Amazing moment and she's only 6 months old! :D
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Welcome to the fun world of GSD :D
Awwww thats so cute. They have the best personalities in the world I swear!! Too bad you couldnt get a picture of that...that would have been great :)
I absolutely lost it! I didn't have my iPhone on me otherwise I'd record it or took a picture. If I went to grab it I think the moment we'd have gone!
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