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I can't believe he tried to do it in front of me!

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Housetraining has gone pretty well w/Kodee. For the first few months I had him, the main problem we had was he was so used to me just taking him out really often, that he didn't really signal to me when he needed out. In spite of that, we've have very few accidents in the house overall. In the last few weeks he has finally gotten pretty good at signally me (or I've gotten pretty good at reading his signals), and I've been really happy that our communication is getting more clear.

However, he just turned one exactly 10 days ago, and this morning he tried to pee in the house in front of me! In spite of my shock and disbelief (it was fairly early in the morning for me), I managed to scream "no!" at the top of my lungs before he got started. I took him outdoors (this was immediately after we got up this morning), he peed just like every single day since I've had him, and I praised him. Not since I've had him (got him at 7 weeks) has he EVER tried to potty in the house while he knew I was watching. Not to mention, our morning routine is carved in stone, and he also knew that we were literally on our way through the house to the kitchen door to go outside to potty.

I am assuming that this is "marking" behavior, not "I actually need to pee behavior", as he just turned one, is intact, and has never tried to pee/poop in the house right in front of me (when he's done it, it was when I wasn't paying attention/back was turned). Aside from not letting him out of my sight at all, is there anything else I should do to nip this in the bud?
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Originally Posted By: JeanKBBMMMAANVet to check for UTI? Maybe you did it already!
I thought of that (used to work for a vet), but so far this is the only time it's happened. He acts fine, and is peeingoutdoors just like normal. Doesn't strain or act like peeing is uncomfortable. But I'm definitely watching him...

Thanks! I'm thinking it's teen stuff, though. He's been trying to get away with a little more lately (mouthing more, jumped on the bed this morning which is a big no-no). I'm just staying consistent w/the rules. Hope it works!
Ozzy went thru quite a rebellious teen phase for about 6 months - jumping on furniture right in front of me, selective hearing, mouthing all over again. I believe I have read that this is the phase where they are most often given up to shelters.
It doesn't sound like marking or teen behavior to me (from just the post - sure there's more to it.)

More like he had to go really bad and couldn't wait. As far as doing it right in front of you - if he really had to go that bad it wouldn't matter.

I just finished meds for Skye for a uti - she had showed no symptoms at all and have a severe infections. She was actually at the vets for something else and dripped some urine while getting her temp checked, so they tested it. Twice the first week on meds she peed during the night - something she has not done since she was tiny.

Please don't rule out a uti without testing - especially if he does again.
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