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I am such a proud mum!!!

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Last night was little Zac's first night at Puppy Preschool! He's still quite young and we havn't even introduced him to the lead yet (he's just turned nine weeks old). We carried him through the doors and were disappointed to see all the pups were at least 10 weeks old (except one) and wearing leads.

I knew the vet nurse there from when I did work placement - and she was quite taken with him. "He's just a big teddy-bear!" She let us borrow a slip lead. Quite an introduction!

He was such a coward to start with...snuggling against my legs and trying to "ignore" the others - at least until a Golden Retreiver gave him a good sniffing! Did the typical lunge and retreat - a bit unsure, but I coaxed him out from under my legs and then he became the class clown!!

Once the pups were allowed off-lead it became a free-for-all! Pups bounding EVERYWHERE! We coaxed them into the centre with treats. He made friends with the Golden Retriever, an 11 week old Ridgeback and a Westie.

The vet nurse used him as the guinea pig for teaching sit. We've been trying to teach him good manners at home, pushing on his rump to get him to sit when he give him food, and he sat straight away - much to the dismay of the vet nurse!

Homework for the night: teaching pup that I can "control" every part of your body, like paws, tail and ears (allows for easier vet trips down the track), controlling food such as picking up bones and food when he's eating (reduces food aggression later on) and the basics of Sit.

So...was it a successful night do you think?
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It sounds like it was a very successful night! Congratulations on all your hard work b/c it sounds like it is already paying off with his behavior in the new puppy class. Hugs to you and little Zac!
Sounds like everything went fantastic!
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He he...I thought so too. I've just noticed that Zac's ears have moved. From flopping to the front when we got him...are now a little out to the side and slightly up. He's growing up soooo fast!
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Congrats! Sounds like a great start. Just be prepared for some regression - which will happen as the pup starts to test the waters of authority and leadership. But a good foundation is essential.
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