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While it is upsetting that they allowed you to do so much before telling you GSDs are not allowed, any facility has the right to refuse any animal they choose.

I agree the hospital should list excluded dogs on the website - a calm letter or meeting encouraging that might go a long way.

On our website, we list dogs that have additional requirements before taking our classes. Those are insurance requirements. We do not accept pit bulls - that is also due to insurance regulations.

Some facilities don't allow registered therapy animals (Delta, TDI, etc) - but will allow certified therapy dogs. Some welcome dogs, but not cats. That is their right.

AAT should not be a platform for fighting breed discrimination, no matter how much it might make us 'beside ourselves.' Keep the issues separate - we have all worked too hard to get animal assisted therapy recognized as a valuable resource to get bad marks for making personal issues a part of the AAT world. The hospital may change activity directors or other personnel down the road and your dog could be allowed.

Can someone in your group give a presentation including pictures of your dog and other GSDs working with children? That's how you change things - education.

Many places will welcome your dog - call around. Don't limit yourself to nursing homes. Skye has never been turned away so I am fortunate about that. If she had been, I would take my golden retriever to that place if I felt we were more accepted. All dogs have their place and you will find the one for your dog.
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