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Are GSD known for being hyper??

I know they have puppy power, but do they eventually calm down and lay by your feet, or are they constant bouncers??

I assume that the more time your pup is with you the clamer they would become, is that true?

And how do you stop your pup from chasing your ankles and nipping at them?

Thank you
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There are so many differences in GSD's, part of it will depend on what lines you pup is. Excercise makes a tired pup and a tired pup is a good pup.
I have a 7yo who is willing to lay at my feet but would be ready in a heart beat to go for a hike, track, game of ball, what ever and would prefer that.
I have a 21 month old who will tollerate laying about only so long...
saw the article on biting above, terrific article, hope it will work!!

She will be tired, I am hoping my 3 yo male will poop her out!!
I agree that it really depends on the dog, but both of mine are MUCH calmer than they were as young puppies. Keefer is the energizer bunny at the park, it is impossible to tire him out, and he's got prey drive out the yazoo but he's actually quite good around the house. Dena is much less energetic than he is, but she's the one always dropping toys on my hubby for him to toss for her when he's trying to watch TV in the evening. They love to chase each other around the house, but also just hang out and nap a lot too, or chew their nylabones or a bully stick.
it's a puppy. it's doing what it suppose to do. nipping and going after your ankles that's part of it. you can train him/her not to do it. the older your dog gets the more training it will have so it'll calm down due to training. how old is your puppy? let it be a puppy. here's what i did to stop the nipping. when ever my puppy would do it i would simply hold him by the back of his neck (not rough) and say "no biting". then i would put my hand/fingers right in front of his face or rub his lips and say "no biting". if he licked my hand i would say "good boy, no biting". at some point it worked. the other day i was own the computer with my hand hanging over the arm of the chair and he walked by and he put four of my fingers in his mouth. he was very gentle. then he sat down and looked at me as if to say pay attention to me. so, i turned off the computer and played with him. my boy is 8 months old.
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training makes a good pup.
O BOY THE BITEING!!...i feel ur pain..actually is wut i did was take different advice and see wut worked..u'll get a lot of different suggestions..the last advice that i got was from our trainer. she suggested that when/if he/she bites at ur hands..not feet, clothes shoes etc etc, grab her mouth where she bites it and just hold on makeing it uncomfortable/not sounds mean but it worked for me..tyson still play bites but has learned the difference between mouthing and biteing and doesnt bite nearly as hard..but i still ignore him when he does it and that means he's not getting to play like that..he hasnt stopped the biteing but it has gotten better..there puppy's and there gonna do it...also with the chewing/biteing try re-directing to the toys, which is letting them know that thats wut there for..not your ankles!!
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i saw that ur pup is 9 weeks old..if u havent suggested/decided on a trainer now is a good time..u will be amazed at how intelligent these pups are at there its fun and gets the pup out to experience and socialize..tyson's first class was when he was 9 weeks and we all had a blast
Quote:And how do you stop your pup from chasing your ankles and nipping at them?
I dont know but if you figure it out let me know. Mine is FINALLY slowing down on the biting, after being home for 1.5 months he finally understands BUBBA NO/NO BITE. and will stop. Took him awhile to figure out when I want him to stop something. HE likes to bite other dogs ankles too. They will nip at him after awhile so mabye thats whats teaching him.
Give the pup something constructive to do instead of nipping at ankles.

Excercise is great for getting puppies to behave. A tired pup is a good pup. Give them mental stimulation and physical excercise and it is easier for the pup to learn control. If they are really getting out of control then and time out in the crate to settle down sometimes will help. I always have lots of toys at hand, so when my pup is bored we can play a game of beat up the toy instead of nipping at humans.
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