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Hydrosurge Rapid Bath????

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Has anyone ever tried the hydrosurge rapid bath? i work at a grooming salon and we have the hydrosurge professional one. the only drawback to the one for home use is that you have to use their own shampoo cartridges. i have 5 dogs and thought that although pricey at 64.99 (it's on sale at Petsmart) it would be a breeze to bath them. the reveiws on the petsmart make it sound wonderful. it's guaranteed. you can try it for 2 weeks and if not satisfied you can bring it back no questions asked. storm isn't crazy about people that he doesn't know or isn't comfortable with handling him, so i might have to bite the bullet and purchase one.

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You can make your own hydrosurge (the recirculating kind) using a sump pump and a couple other things, I forget what they were, but it was pretty simple to make. (a friend explained it to me a while back) It comes out to be around $100 but you can use whatever shampoo you need. I haven't used the rapid bath thing, but in the commercials it looks like the water pressure is pretty low on it and you need enough pressure to get through that thick GSD coat.
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ya know i was wondering about that. they say it has oxygen in it and it will power through even the thickest of coats. i have a 2 week trial period. might use my goldie as the test subject. she has the thickest double coat that i've seen in a goldie for awhile. the kennel i got her from breeds for that. anyho, i'll keep ya posted. not to mechanically enclined to make my own unfortunately. lol!!!
Bet tip I ever got on this subject was about the issue of "flow restrictors" inside every shower head sold in America. They are a water-saving feature, and for everyday human showers are probably a good conservation idea. But restricted flow makes giving dogs a bath difficult---it takes forever to wet and rinse a double-coated dog with no water pressure.

So--- go to a plumbing supply store and ask the guy to show a you handheld shower that has a flow restrictor that you can remove. Some of them come with flow restrictors that you can "remove for cleaning" (wink wink). Without that restrictor, a hand shower in your tub has full water pressure--it's a strong as the force of a garden hose, but with warm water, in the comfort of your tub.

I bought this one online and love it. I use it just for washing dogs. Note it has a removable flow restrictor. It comes with simple instructions on how to unscrew the thing, pop out a little plastic disk inside, and presto--full force hand shower.
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