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Dogs South K-9 Search and Rescue’s
Human Remains Detection Seminar
June 20, 21, 22, 23, 2008
8:00 am until 5:30 pm each day

This seminar will be for beginners starting a pup through advanced techniques in human remains detection. Dogs of all ages are welcome, but must be current on all adult shots, under the control of the handler at all times and crated when not working.

Friday June 20th at 8:00 am seminar starts with classroom introductions and passing out of student workbooks that will carry students from beginning a pup through advanced human remains detection and practical search techniques. We will use the workbooks as a study guide through out the seminar and spend time each day in classroom going over the workbooks. The classroom work will be done after lunch during the hottest part of the day.

After a brief class Friday morning, more of a get to know each other and listen to what each handler would like help with, we will start the K-9 training exercises and then break for lunch followed by classroom instruction for up to two hours before going back out to the actual K-9 training exercises.

Each day will start with a brief classroom meeting to go over any questions on K-9 Exercises from the day before and address any problems a handler may be having at this point. K-9 Training exercises will continue each day after the brief morning meeting until lunch break and afternoon classroom before going back out to the K-9 Training Exercises the rest of the day.

Canine Good Citizen testing will be available at some point during the seminar after we see how many K-9’s need the test. A brief Crime Scene Preservation class given by a member of law enforcement will also be given on one of the seminar days for those that are interested in attending.

We have a number of K-9 training devices that will be set up each day and one of the instructors and or assistant instructors will staff these. We have two BSD or Behavior Shaping Devices or as I like to call them “ball poppers”. One BSD or “ball popper” will be setup in a heavy box placed with cadaver training aid inside and placed in a row of three other heavy boxes for the K-9’s to check.
The second BSD or “ball popper” will be setup in a 4’X8’ wall unit with a number of holes for the K-9 to check with one containing the training aid and of course the “ball popper”. The BSD areas will be operated by an instructor who will control the “ball popper” reward system via remote control. These BSD units can be seen at Elite K-9. Com. Under the Scent Detection page. We also have the Dutch Box reward system that will be setup, you can the Dutch Boxes at the same page as the BSD units.

We will have approximately 30 plus pounds of legally obtained human remains from Placenta’s, bones from hip replacement surgeries, bones from other medical and educational sources, cosmetic surgeries, towels soaked with cadaver body fluids, etc… As our list of cadaver material grows towards the seminar date, I will update those handlers that are registered to attend.

A number of training scenarios will be setup for land cadaver training with varied amounts of cadaver material and each K-9 will be given time to work each problem each day. These will change each day to give your dog a number of new challenges each day. Land cadaver certification testing through NNDDA (National Narcotic Detector Dog Association) will be given on Saturday.

Water cadaver training will be conducted as well with each K-9 given time working the water from our bass boat learning search techniques for a successful water recovery as well of course exposing your K-9 to training material underwater. Water certification testing through NNDDA (National Narcotic Detector Dog Association) will be given on Sunday.

Raffle will be held with a number of prizes from various vendors. K-9 Equipment vendors are invited and we will update you as soon as they confirm attending. Lunch will be provided each day included in the seminar price.

Seminar Instructors are:

Angela Batten: Founding member of Dogs South & K-9 Handler, certified Instructor for K-9 Human Remains Detection.

Lyn Parsons: K-9 Handler with Dogs South, Co-Owner Altamaha Canine Training Service, Screven, GA

Assistant Instructors:

Jacob Weaver: K-9 handler Dogs South, Co-Owner Wonder Dogs Belgian Malinois & Co-Owner Altamaha Canine Training Service, Screven, GA.

Mary Peters: Founding member of K-9 Forensics and Recovery Team, Brooksville, FLA, Owner Stillwater
Dog Training, Brooksville, FLA.

Tony Batten: Founding member of Dogs South & K-9 handler.

NNDDA certifying Official: Sam Pepenella, Deputy with Pasco County Florida Sheriffs Department, founding member of K-9 Forensics and Recovery Team, Brooksville, FLA.

Instructor bio’s available upon request

Seminar Fee is $150.00
Additional K-9 $50.00 per additional K-9 (prior approval is required in writing, contact Angela Batten.)
Seminar T-shirts are $10.00 each

NNDDA certification is $30.00 for NNDDA membership + $25.00 for the certification test.
N.N.D.D.A. Fees will be paid AT the seminar and to Sam Pepenella BEFORE testing, DO NOT send with your seminar registration.

Questions email: Angela Batten - [email protected]

Please email me private for registration form. I am still working on getting room rates and will update this info next week.

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I have a correction to make for the seminar flyer, the seminar is a THREE day seminar only, not FOUR day as the info stated in my ealier post. My Bad The semianr dates are June 20, 21, & 22, 2008.
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