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Hudson is People-Obsessed

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I just adopted a ~6 month old chow chow / shepard mix from the SPCA at which I volunteer. She's very calm when at home but also loves running around outside when I take her to the park or beach.

During the first week I adopted her, she tended to stick close to me and listen in general when I said come. However, because I live in an apartment building, she is constantly getting attention from the staff and other residents, and it has made it quite difficult for me in training and obedience. Every trip outside or around my building involves being stopped at least 5x as people fawn and gush over her.

Now, when we go for walks outside or simply walk from my apt to the lounge, pool, etc, she is so interested in every person that walks by, to the point of stubbornly pulling in the opposite direction and ignoring me. At first, I could watch tv in the lounge or sit outside and not have to be remarkably mindful of her leash as she would lay or sit calmy next to me. Now, she gets up and wants to go up to every person and I have to tether her down or hold the leash.

I have tried to use treats to keep her focus to no avail, as she is not at all food motivated--nor is she interested in any toys. As a side note, she gets very timid/submissive and lays down if I say "no" with the slightest bit of sternness.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks for any help!
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I've never dealt with this, and I know things are much harder when you have a dog who doesn't care so much about treats.

You might set her up by getting friends, neighbors, whoever to be somewhere and have her "walk the gauntlet," yet ask the people to ignore her. Then praise her like crazy for making it through the gauntlet without going crazy for attention.

You can also ask every other person or so who wants to stop and gush if they please wouldn't, as you are working on training your dog.
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