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Today at the park, a couple comes in with a few dogs, one being a dachshund. all come in super happy la la la and dogs are looking content, so they are let off lead.

Immediately, dachshund starts his woofing directed at the pack which is getting along just fine, and heads about twenty feet away from the pack, digging little holes around. All the while, woofing. Digging. Woofing. 30% of the time digging and the remainder woofing. Owners don't do a thing. Well, dog is doing what he does, I guess. So I walk away which happens to be past the wiener-dog and he goes over to a hole and resource guards it! growling at my dog for just looking over. My dog looks at me like "que?" and we go on our merry way. The entire way in earshot all I hear is this dog woofing.

I had to laugh.

How bad would you rate that, on a scale of 1-10?
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