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Hello to all. I am the executive assistant at a small privately funded animal shelter in WNC. I am also the proud owner of a gorgeous year old GSD male named Tar and an equally gorgeous 3 year old female Lab named Jocassee. I joined this forum a while back to learn more about this wonderful GSD that has become my most special boy ever. And I have learned a lot from reading what all of you post. Thank you!

I hope I am doing all this the right way and don't cross any lines. I wanted to mention to this group a very special boy named Howard. Howard came to our shelter as a stray a couple of months ago. His face was wounded, more than likely from being in a fight. He loves people so much and is well behaved...but he is very dog aggressive at the shelter. Interestingly enough, he recently went on a hike with the other shelter dogs without incident. All dogs were leashed and there was a one person to one dog ratio. He was non-reactive when all were leashed. Even when the other dogs approached him and had physical contact.

I am worried about his chances at our shelter. We do not euthanize for time and space. We do however have to make some tough choices about adoptability when we start to get overly full. We don't have foster homes.

I would love to get this gorgeous boy into a home where he is the only dog or where his owners are qualified to work with him on dog aggressive behaviors within a pack setting. He is house trained and very gentle towards all people. I have no concerns regarding him and human interaction.

Could you guys possibly spread his story around among your contacts?

My shelter is Yancey Humane Society. I will link to Howard's petfinder page and our facebook page. If anyone is interested in Howard they can call the shelter at 828-682-9510. We open at 12:00 every day except Sunday and Wednesday.

Thank you!!

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