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In what order and how would you define your current best-producing bitch. Would it be a list, or a single item?

I mean what does she produce, what has her progeny accomplished, health of the progeny, but by the time you have a good measure of that, your bitch will be at or beyond retirement age.

So, it is just a question; would it be a single item, like the number of live pups she has raised, or would it be a graduated grouping of qualities, like,
1. Imprinting temperament
2. Quality of the puppies
3. Number of puppies raised
4. Percentage of puppies raised/puppies whelped
5. Cleanliness

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I have only had two breeding females and they were mother and daughter. I can't really say that either was better than the other, they were different females bred to different males.

Both were total hussys to breed, both were excellent mothers though Nike would have nursed her puppies forever and Vala started to have enough by about 5 weeks. Nike was much more tolerant of her own kids than Vala. Both have about the same amount of titled offspring, though Vala produced more doing detection work. Both lost one pup at birth (or just before). Nike had 14 live and 1 dead in two litters. Vala had 17 live and 1 dead in 3 litters.

Nike did produce my heart dog in Vala. I don't have the connection to any of Vala's kids that I have had with her even though I adore them.

We shall see how my next girls do (Vala daughters).

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Arwen was a great mom, but she raised only 7 out of 10 in her first litter and 8 out of 14 in her second. Her third was c-section that was lost. Of those live pups, I had five of the females, two of which I have bred.

Babs and Jenna, Jenna was definitely the better producer of the two. 25 pups out of 3 litters, lost none, and is absolutely awesome with puppies. Babs on the other hand produced 11 pups in 3 litters, and lost just one out of the first litter (7 live). Both were great with their puppies though. I expect they get that from their dam. Both would stay with their puppies indefinitely given the opportunity.

Bear is out of Jenna, and she had 9 pups, all live. She is not as clean as Jenna or Babs, and while she was certainly fine through eight weeks, I couldn't leave her with this first litter indefinitely. I had to separate her from the hooligans a lot earlier -- about 4 months old, where Jenna is still in with Hepzibah at 10 months. Jenna is seven (old lady) and she plays with her pup. Bear is just as happy to have her own space.

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Sorry - quantity has nothing to do with quality IMO

Bianka v Spitzbubezwinger [Basha] Sch3, IPO3, KKL - had litters for me (under another kennel name but while I owned her) in Belgium and here.....titled in Belgium, litters paid for training.....I trialed her her and improved her tracking score 20 points [lol those who know me realize how funny this is!!! lol proves dog is better than her scores as I am terrible at tracking and titles slammed on her over there ] Basha is a littermate to a 2x WUSV dog [alternate for Belgium] and daughter of very sucessful Ufo v Guy's Hof from a very strong female producing family.

1st generation:
SG Depko, Darko {LE and titled} , Dunja, Edo - all Sch3 in Europe - Depko did well at National events
SG Danger, Sch1, RH1, CD, CGC - SAR certified
SG Elsa Sch1, CD, TDI CGC
SG Errow Sch3, KKL1 (SG unkoered, over males previously V) CGC, Flyball titles
V Furious IPO3 KKL1 - shown nationally (LOL LOL in heat and out of control!)
Fyurie - Flyball Titles
Fenja - CD, CGC
Frienze - CGC CD? (owner deceased, showing with new owner)
Falcon, IPO3 - shown nationally DVG
Gauner - IPO3
Hexe IPO2
Hawke - deceased - looked to be a super nice IPO dog
several others started in sport - owners dropped out due to commitment issues - I think a couple more titled in Europe [Norway/Finland] that I lost track of

2 OFA Excellents - the rest OFA Good or 'a' stamped, with 2 OFA Fairs

Second Generation:

Archer v Traumwolfen IPO3 - 3rd 2012 WDC, top 10 USCA IPO3 Championships 2012 - son of Elsa
Ava Starkenhund - IPO3 - High IPO2, High Female, and High Protection in Trial at 2012 Mid Eastern Regionals - daughter of Furious
Several other Furious progeny working and will title in Ohio Kentucky and Texas
Upcoming 2nd generation progeny from Hexe
Jagr - super nice working - hopefully to title this fall
Jyce - in Canada - multi sport home

I feel this is a very successful female. I understand there is some interest in Archer as a stud dog in his area as there will be a third generation from Basha soon. Furi was just confirmed with 8 pups to National Champion Max ze Stribrneho kamene and Max's owner will be training one of that litter.

My other female line comes from SG Kyra v Frolich Haus, Sch3 IPO3, WH, OB3, CD, CGC KKL1

SG Csabre Sch1 KKL1
SG Cito Sch2 [deceased before I could get the 3 and kkl]
Cairo - SAR certified, State Trooper in Vermont,

Then next generation all from Csabre and the K litter has 4 soon to be 5 in training for IPO and HGH

My A and B litters were from SG Alice v alt Duesener Land

Apache - 6 or 7x Sch3 - trialed at a national
Blackwolf - maybe 3x Sch3 - sire of a V rated Sch3 female and a couple others training - OFA Excellent

Fenja had one litter - Demons is titled in OB and Agility - had problems whelping and 2 pups were dwarfs - so she was spayed. Demons was to go to a sport home, but I did not want her bred and she would have been after being titled.

So I am pretty happy with the females in my program.


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