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So I've been thinking.

I know that many breeders are not exactly happy with the way the SV and AKC is handling the things.

What I am wondering about is why has nobody ever worked on opening up a complete new GSD breed registry outside the Schutzhund szene. A breed registry where it's about the working dog with real jobs and where you can actually concentrate on the different traits and what is needed for a healthy, versatile, Jack of all Trades, dog.

What would it look like. What would make a working dog a working dog with a job. SAR? Police? Detection? Narcotics? Therapy? Service Dogs?

What kind of health qualifications and tests would they have to undergo?
There is a lot that can be covered up in schutzhund that can't be covered up in a real world job.

I'd say, make it one breed. No differences between Show and Working line. If it is a good Showline with lots of working potential, USE IT! Mix it in.

So what would you want to see in a new registry. What kind of health certifications would you want. How would you want the dogs to be tested and what do you actually consider a working dog with a real job?
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