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How would a mother dog react to her litter

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My male GS pup is 5 months old and I want to socalize him with his mother. He left the litter at 8 weeks; he was the second of 7 to leave. I take him places and he meet a lot of people but not a lot of dogs other than the petsmart store and the vet. His mother is close by and I want to set up some play dates. What can I do to evaluate the behavior of the mother concerning her acceptance of my pup for play. Will she remember him after being away for 3 months. Do adults and pup get alone? Please share your experience... Thanks...
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I've brought both puppies back to the breeders for visits and the pups seemed to remember their mothers and went nuts with excitement! The moms didn't seem to mind but definitely put the pups in their place, then everybody played just fine. I couldn't tell if the mom's recognized the puppies, but both pups definitely remembered the breeders, which makes sense since she sleeps in the kennel with the mothers and puppies. I think Uschi would have been happy to stay.
I honestly think siblings remember each other. My older boy had a reunion with 4 others from his litter years ago, they had a blast. Lakota, my 8 month old, saw 3 siblings once and continues to visit her brother. Her dam & sire along with a brother & sister (now they have 4 dogs) are pretty close by and we have talked about getting together, something always comes up. I actually was thinking of giving them a call to see if we can stop by before she's not a puppy any more.
My friend that has one of the male puppys said that the father went after his pup last time he was there.
IME most mom dogs are not very excited to see their puppies who left.
In my experience, in most cases mothers and offspring recognize one another, as often do siblings. Even if it's been years.

Now, whether they are happy to see one another or will play nicely together is another matter. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't, and that mainly is due to the inherent temperament of the dogs, their manners and social skills with other dogs, etc...
The breeder of Aussies that I knew had an Aussie female that was her first bitch. She brought that dog to evey trial, 4-H dog show, parades etc. Anywhere that she knew her "offspring" would be. She always acted as though she remembered the dog and would love and 'clean' it as if it were still a baby.

I don't think this was a normal behavior, and that was why the breeder loved to do it. All of her clients (and thier kids) loved it too. I couldn't help but think what a great marketing idea it was. It always brought in folks interested in Aussies to see such a motherly behavior.
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