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How vocal is your GSD?

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Just curious to see how many GSD's are vocal...

Emma, loves to talk, not just barking, but lets out odd sounds and trys her best to talk. She also enjoys, the usual barking, and sometimes not out of aggression, but she enjoys hearing herself growl...not a real threatening growl, just oh look what kind of sound I can make.

Elle does the same, but not as much, she makes cow sounds when she stretches, so, that's cute too.
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Lexi does this all the time - but, always quiets when I tell her to. According to my mom (who sits with the dogs when I work) she reserves this behavior just for me. She really is my girl and I LOVE her to pieces.
Yukon is fairly vocal.

He whines when he is lonely, bored or he is tired (he cries himself to sleep, so cute lol) moans and groans when he feels we're not moving fast enough, does a roo roo/howl sound when he is happy and excited.

He only barks when he feels something is not right outside.
Does the fact that I named her "Siren" give you a hint?
Gia only barks when I ask her to "speak".

Tilden barks a couple times a week (lol, he's barking at something now) if he's in the yard and someone passes.

They are both the quietest dogs I've had and/or met. I've been very lucky (especially back in my apartment days).
our boy was 1 year old as 6/04/08 and he's not very vocal. when our neighbors Shep barks for him to come out he does that whinny sound and paces back and forth. he doesn't bark when some one comes to the door. sometimes in the middle of the night he'll come to either my side of the bed or the GF's side of the bed and give a whimper/whine to go out. sometimes when he yawns or stretches he'll make that noise that goes from low to high pitched. as of now he's not very vocal.
Morgan is a talker, talks so much I've learned to tell what she's barking at by how she's talking. She also makes moany noises when she's snuggling and howls on command. Nothing says obnoxious like a good family howl!
Chevy is verrrrry vocal. Always making some sort of sounds
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Heidi has a whole repertoire of sounds. She grumbles when I try to get her to do something and she doesn't feel like it. She whines when she gets impatient or wants to go up to another dog. She sometimes groans with happiness when she is laying down with her cuz. She growls and barks with excitement when I hold on to the cuz for too long before throwing it or when going after squirrels. She has a really funny long howl that she does when an ambulance or fire truck goes by. And she also has a kind of "hmmmmm" sound that goes from high to low, which I don't know what the heck means!

Our previous dog, Sheba, was part malemute, so she was very vocal too. In addition to the whining and grumbling, she also howled and yodeled to get our attention. I like having dogs that are vocal. It's fun!
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Sean is definitely a talker but living in a house with 3 women what else would you expect?
He has his whine when we are leaving the house and his chomping sounds when he is playing with our cat, Neely. He even has a unique half-growl, half-howl that he makes when he's trying to get his point across. DH always remarks that he didn't make a sound when we first adopted him for at least a month but over the yrs. he has more than made up for it.
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Many of your posts make me giggle. Sometimes I would swear that Pepsi is the noisiest dog in the whole world. Everytime she lays down, or shifts, she lets out a groan. She whines sooo much, especially at bed time, and in the morning. She will also whine herself to sleep. She barks, "talks", and occasionally will howl at a siren. Sometimes she'll lay on her back and "roar" - LOL. When she's not making noises of her own, she's playing with her "talking" or squeaky toys.
I have eight. Arwen, used to be a sweet quiet thing, but then somewhere along the line she started "talking." Now, occasionally, she even "talks back" to me. So then I have to tell her who's house it is.

Dubya is only vocal when he sees Rushie or when he sees kitties or when there is a stranger. When he sees a stranger he barks a few times and is done as soon as he knows I am ok with the stranger. When he sees Rushie or the cat (now the cats) he won't stop until I threaten him with the hose. I have to remind him whose house it is too.

Babs and Jenna are sweet three year olds. Babs is very quiet. Jenna is a PITA, talking back, especially when she sees Arwen or smells Arwen, or remembers that Arwen exists. She KNOWS whose house it is, SHE DOES.

Rushie never barks, growls, or carries on at all. Occasionally he will grunt at Dubya, and he will whine if a girl is ready to be bred.

Which leaves the three stooges: Barky, Whiney, and Screamer. Tori will bark quite a bit, but also quiets when I tell her too. She barks when I pay attention to my other dogs, but I tell her that I am the boss and she shuts up. Heidi was that whiney pup you wanted to strangle. She is the one in the litter I chose. But she used to whine something terrible. Now she carries on a bit when I am talking to the others, and does not shut up until I reach for the hose. Then everyone makes a bee-line for their houses and you can hear a pin drop. Which leaves Whitney. Whitney screams. I think it is a medical condition. I WANT to KILL her. Anyone want a nice titled GSD bitch who will be two in August? My only requirement for an owner is that they have NO OTHER DOGS. She is not dog-aggressive. She is JEALOUS. She would be fine as an only. In fact, the only time she SCREAMS is when I am paying attention to one of the others. And then I worry what the neighbors are thinking. They probably think I have her wired to my electric fence wire and am slowly torturing her. She respects me when I have the hose in hand. I do not HAVE to spray anyone, just pick the thing up, and everyone HIDES.
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It's kind of funny, because when we first got Emma at 8 weeks old, and brought her home, we didn't hear anything from her, not a whine, a bark, whimper or anything, and I even had mentioned it to DF that I thought she might be mute, but after 3 days of pure silence, it was all heck after that, now she makes all kinds of sounds.....I forgot to add this in my 1st post.
Max is very quiet. He will bark at the window tho.

Kayos is a screamer. Her litter name was the screamin' demon. She screams at cats, she screams at birds, and squirrels. She talks to me all the time and always attempts to get the last word. She grumbles under her breath. She is the worst fence fighter in history. Thankfully she calls off well too!

Havoc is a whiner and cryer. He is very emotional. He runs in circles around the island in the kitchen whining and crying when we all get up in the morning. His pack has re-assembeld and he is happy!

I think vocal is somewhere in the breed standard?????
Originally Posted By: KathyWI think vocal is somewhere in the breed standard?????
If not, it should be! Dena has this LOUD moany groany thing she does that can be quite annoying. If we're walking the dogs somewhere and I have both leashes while Tom goes into a store she goes nuts until he comes back. It's very embarrassing!

If Keefer is in the garage when I get home from work he cries like a little baby. If he's already in the house it's not a big deal, he's excited to see me, but not that vocal. But out there he can hear my car pull up and it's like he can't wait another second to see mama!!!

Dena is a much better alert barker, she always barks at the doorbell, Keefer almost never does. He barks at other stuff.
He has this high-pitched yippy bark for cats or squirrels in the yard, or little ankle biter dogs, but only on leash. He also gets excited and yippy sometimes when we first get to the park. He's getting much better about not barking out the car window at other dogs, he used to be really bad about that too.

Dena NEVER barks at other dogs. But if I'm getting ready to leave in the morning and holler "bye!" she'll do her best "hurry, little Timmy is stuck in the well" bark until Tom comes out to kiss me goodbye. She just stands there calmly if he's already nearby, or if I go kiss him goodbye while he's in the shower. Apparently that's her job, to make sure that proper leaving rituals are adhered to.
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Kenya is not vocal at all. The only time she barks is when someone comes to the door, and she backs off as soon as the door open. I've never heard her bark on a walk, in the yard, in public...
Rugen tells stories. He doesn't bark at just anything.

Everyday when I get home from work he has to tell me this loooong story, he walks around me and goes through my legs talking up a storm!

He also chases my golden around the couch letting out *3* sharp barks at a time- I think he is saying "YOU BETTER RUN" lap 1, "GONNA GET YOU" lap 2... He is so funny!

He also lets out tired moans and an occasional exhaused "Hummp"
hmm this is a good one. lets put it this way, he lets me know what kind of mood he's in. lmao!
Dena NEVER barks at other dogs. But if I'm getting ready to leave in the morning and holler "bye!" she'll do her best "hurry, little Timmy is stuck in the well" bark until Tom comes out to kiss me goodbye. She just stands there calmly if he's already nearby, or if I go kiss him goodbye while he's in the shower. Apparently that's her job, to make sure that proper leaving rituals are adhered to.

Every GSD needs a job!!!
Sounds like she does a great job at hers!
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I forgot to mention, at night, after dinner, when everyone is having quiet time, all is quiet, unless I am on the phone.

If I have the bad manners to try to talk on the phone, first Jenna starts talking, then Tori chimes in. Arwen starts going. Then Whitney starts Screaming!!!

This does not happen when I am NOT on the phone. They know I can't scream "PRONG COLLAR!!!" "APL!" "EUTHANASIA!!!" "DON'T MAKE ME GO AND GET THE HOSE!" "WHUPPINS!"
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