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how to tell if heat cycle is done?

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Hello I was just wondering if there is any way to tell if Molly is safe to start taking her for walks. She started bleeding exactly 3 weeks ago and has now stopped also her swelling went down to almost normal.
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I'd be curious too since I just got my first female pup! Anyone?
not sure exactly, but I've always heard to wait 4 weeks to be safe...that being said If she's on leash and your willing to protect her I think it would be ok.
HMMM according to an article it's when they are no longer bleeding and the vulva goes back to normal. Also recomend not to let the dog near a male dog for an extra week just in case. Normal cycles are up to 21 days.... hope that helps! Have you asked your vet? I'd say that's the best person to ask (or a breeder)....
There is an entire thread dedicated to heat - it is in Health Issues
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