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I posted on here a few weeks ago when I first got my GSD puppy.
I would just like to start off by saying he is a doll and I love him but when it comes to biting he's nuts.
Also a back-talker. I've never seen it before. He literally talks back when I tell him no or discipline him.
Once I even jokingly called him a butthead for being rowdy and he barked at me and growled a little bit.

Anyway, lets cut to the quick.

His main problems right now are potty training and bite inhibition.
He loves to nip and bite. He bites ankles a lot too
How can I at least lower the amount of biting?
I've been told to make some sort of pepper water spray to spray on what he bites as a deter, but I'm not sure how to or if its even necessary.

Usually when Apollo bites, I just substitute whatever he is biting with a chew toy of his. This will work for all of about 5-10 minutes when he loses his attention.
He'll then proceed to bite everything else.

The worst though is when he follows me around and bitesy ankles as I walk.
It is so annoying and very painful my feet and ankles have had claw and teeth scratch and bite marks since I've gotten him.
It's even worse when he decides to get right under my feet and I almost trip as he bites me.

I've tried walking away and ignoring him but that only works temporarily
My mom suggested a light tap on the snout with a firm "No!" But I would like something that I know will be more effective and the last thing I need is for my dog to associate me with bad things like being hit.

So if anyone has any solid ideas of how to stop the biting. Especially the ankle biting I'm all ears. Thank you

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Eeeak the biting! Feels like it will never stop! It actually stops quickly. Whenever mine would bite and of course always the ankles I would yell loudly "ouch" and give a toy..doesn't always help but enough..give frozen washcloths and/or ice chips...helps with the pain of teething.
And be careful because when you think your going to get a kiss Wham a bite right on your face..
Have fun, it will be over soon..your ankles will heel lol.
Then you'll have the most amazing loyal dog ever!!

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