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Bleaching your yard for parvo is okay, but you have to use the right ratio of water:bleach (20:1 - 30:1).

Still, all the yard-bleaching won't do a thing for errant flies that land on parvo poop in one yard and then come into your pup's pen ... nor for the birds that come & go in-and-out of your yard ... and all the yards surrounding you ...

The best way to prevent parvo is to inoculate the bitch the day she comes into heat, and then keep her pups inside in an indoor whelping pen until they're 6 weeks, and then be vigilant with their parvo shots--and use a good brand (not all are created equal!).

And never take any pup, anywhere, until it is 12 weeks old and has had all its shots ... for that is perhaps *the* most common way pups get exposed ... is when the new owner "just has" to take their young (and vulnerable) pup all over the place ... before its immune system is fully-formed.


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