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Hello forum!
I adopted a 2 year old female Belgian Shepherd Malinois nine months ago. She is very mild for a Mal, and very pleasant in the house and in a distraction free environment. I adopted her to be my running partner, and we run 100+ miles a month, and she is receiving mental stimulation through agility and obedience/tricks.

There is one major issue that we are having with her. Ursa has an insane prey drive and I can't stop her from chasing cats. When I have her on a lead and one of our barn cats is near I can barely hold her. She lunges and whines. My older mother who walks the dogs while I am away during the day has trouble holding her.

Our other dog, a 12 year old, 30 pound corgi mix is usually also along on walks and trying to hold a dog that is completely nuts and oblivious to what I command and another dog can be quite difficult.

Same for rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks ect. Ursa knows the command for look at me, but her mind is blank when she sees other animals. She is completely fine with other dogs though.

Here is what I have tried:
-Prong collar, to prevent the lundging. This somewhat works, but it just adds to her drive and she paces on the leash, cries even louder, bites the leash, and has attempted to nip me.
-Head halter, I have tried to use it redirect her to no avail. It might keep her from pulling hard but her attention is still 100% on the animal. She refuses to take any treats, and does not acknowledge the clicker.
-Front Clip harness, tried it before the head halter. She simply positions her body in a way that she can still pull.
-Water, I tried spraying her with a hose when she sees a cat. She loves water, didn't bother her at all.
-Toy distractions, usually she is obsessed with her tennis ball, but even then the cats is more interesting.

I have now considered getting her an electric collar. I have zero experience with using these devices and I have to be honest, I am worried that this will maker her fear me or that she will associate the shock in a way with the cat that she wants to attack them even more. I don't know if I am being illogical, but I am getting desperate. She is a perfect dog otherwise, it's just this one issue that is making our life hard.
I understand that this is a GSD forum, but since both are high-energy working dogs, I was hoping you would have some advice.
Thank you!

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Welcome to the forum!There are several owners and trainers of Mals that post here frequently and will hopefully chime in.The best way to deal with such a high drive dog is a couple of private sessions with a trainer experienced with your breed.
A firm correction timed perfectly before the dog goes into full blown prey drive is what's needed,then a command to direct her immediately to another activity.Easy for me to say:)So much better if someone with experience can show you.
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