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With the way things are lately, we havent been Up North in ages, as you can see. When he laid down next to that log.. he was so confused when I gave him a stay.. and I was pulling out the phone. The third picture, a group of coyotees had started their yelping, he was very intrested in that.

A quick story.. about 13 years ago we were here, my Brother, his girlfriend, my blind shepherd/lab mix, my foxhound/lab mix and my brothers little GSD ( tall girl, very pretty)

We were sitting around the campfire when my GSD/Lab started this low growl. My foxhound/lab ran for the camper, then my brothers GSD ran for the door of the camper.. Rock, he just growled..

We let the other 2 in the camper, and Jen, my brothers girlfriend went in. My brother and I were tossing them back pretty good when Rock really seemed angry, that was when we heard them, a pack of coyotees were on the property. Ken and I loaded up the 12 gage and a couple of .40's.

I told my brother we could call them in if we cried like babies ( read this in one of my many hunting magazines ).. It worked, we were surrounded by about 6 of them, all just out of outside of the light of the campfire, but you see their eyes, and their yelping away.. It was very cool, my Dog Rock was not at all happy about this, I kept laying my hand on him letting him know we were okay.

I Finally put off a round from the 12 gage, the coyotees scattered, Rock settled down.. and I have a story of how we called in a pack of coyotees by crying like little babies. ( and how my blind dog was going to protect us) miss that dog..

Thank you all for looking.. He is a great pup.. still pup. The next day he jumped into a swamp, and he was getting himself stuck.. thought I was going in after him.. he got out.. **** dog then tried to go back in..I dont think I can be with out a dog for to long, they just have to much to add not to have one.
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