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how soon for allergy to show up?

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About 3 weeks ago I switched my dogs from Science Diet (I know, I know) to a higher quality food available here, James Wellbeloved. The dogs love it, and poops have been much smaller and firmer. This week though, my GSD has become quite itchy, lots of scratching that doesn't seem to be fleas. Would a food allergy take 2 weeks to show up, or could it be something else?
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I think it depends on the dog and the level of sensitivity to the ingredient. It could take days to weeks to even months.
I would think it reasonable to see allergies within a couple of weeks. Check the new food label and see is there is any wheat, corn or sorghum in it. Also, check the meat sources. Sometimes just one or two meat sources are better than several. It makes it easier to narrow down.
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