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How much Supplements?

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My dog has had a limp for the past 2 months now. During the first month of it, I kept him as stationary as I possibly could, being leashed when being taken outside for potty and crated when inside. After that, his limp didn't get much better and then I took him to get x-rays, and the vet said he was just fine, and gave me some duramaxx to give to Rocky when I see he is limping pretty bad, but let him do what he wants and he'll limit himself.

Well, his limp isn't bad, but I can still tell. When he runs, you can see he hobbles a little. I read on some of the forums that fish oil, vitamin C and E, and glucosamine could help. I bought some today, and now I'm curious of each I should give him per meal.

Here are the contents of each pill:
Vitamin C: 500 mg
Vitamin E: 200 UI
Glucosamine: 500 mg
Fish Oil: 1200 mg

By the way, he is about 6 months old and 62 pounds.
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I would up the C to about 2000mg daily and split the dosage between meals. You could also go up with the fish oil to at least 2000mg, up to 4000 a day(again split dosages w/ meals
Gradually increase the C. Did you buy buffered C? If not I would exchange it. Also, ease into the 2000mg gradually or she could get diarrhea.

I never found just plain glucosamine to help. I like the combo of gluc/chondroiton and MSM.
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