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I know many dogs like thousands hundreds millions personnally. I have my own Labradoodle but also attend local dog park daily or go to other dog places meet dogs and know them for life. Name list of dogs you know:
I have took care of half of these dogs.

Riley (Labradoodle)
Millie (maltese mix)
Lobo (GS)
Dante (GS)
Nico (GS)
Buddy (GS)
Cosmo (GS)
Swat (GS)
Halo (Long coat GS)
Teeka (Siberian husky)
Oliver (Siberian husky)
Koda (Malamute)
Bailey (Lab mix)
Freda (Husky mix)
Freda (Poodle)
Missy (Husky mix unique looking)
Milo (mix)
Mikey (Lab pit mix)
Fin (Lab)
Tucker (Lab)
Cali (Malamute she moved just found out :()
Luna (Malamute)
Pepper (Catal dog)
Pepper (Lab Wippet mix)
Emma (chiuaua mix)
Petey (pug)
Malia (white golden retriever cannot think of the breed name)
Sophie (border collie mix)
Peeka (pomerianian)
Brandie (mix)
Blitz (mini pinch)
Sierra (GS)
Nicholas (Russian Terrier big black dog)
Shasta (Malamute)
Rocket (Bishon)
Harry (Yorkie)
Boccus (Chow mix)
Bage (chow mix)
Kona (deceased GS)
Chase (deceased Borzoi)
Brodie (deceased Pit bull Border Collie mix)
Pilot (mix border collie aussie)
Alexander (Pit bull mix)
Rocky (GS)
Luna (GS)
Nellie (GS)
George (GS)
Sydney (Border collie)
Jeb (bloodhound)
Kaido (moved)
Katie (GS)
Kiefer (pointy ears dog mix)
Oscar (Doberman)
Bond (doberman)
Lily (Doberman)
Blitzen (Pointer)
Lily (Pit bull)
Lucy (GS and Border collie mix)
sabrina (mix)
Mia (saint bernard mix)
and tons more

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WAY too many to even try to name :)

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I know:
Tim- White GSD, neighbor I buy corn from
Robin- Black and Tan Sr GSD also the neighbor I buy corn from
Cassie: sweetest little Border Collie who belongs to next door neighbor
Cinnamon- Bi color GSD next door neighbors; Ver pretty and mischieveous
Zeeva- Sable neighbors parents dog
A new collie that is Zeeva's little sis
Pretty Girl: Beagle Jack Russel Mix- Neighbors dog at new place
Cocoa-SIL dog
Myra or She who must be feared by Cocoa: SIL other dog
I need to meet more dogs.

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I have read your other posts and I understand the love and connection you feel/want to feel for animals/dogs. What I think your not quite getting is that these feelings are not healthy for you or the dog(s). I do really understand feeling not close to people. I was placed in foster care at a young age(27homes) I felt like no one really knew/accepted me for who I really was. But animals did. But I also understood that they were ANIMALS. My love for them made me want to learn more about their behavior and how to make THEM happy with a healthy mind. I know its hard but you are putting way to many human emotions to these dogs. Your going to end up getting hurt badly by one of these dogs that you say you love so much. Here is why you have not learned DOG LANGUAGE therefore you are NOT LISTENING/UNDERSTANDING to what they are trying desperatly to tell you. I am not trying to hurt or insult you but I do worry about your wellbeing just by reading your prior posts. If you could try to give even a couple PEOPLE in your life a chance, you might be suprised. Not ALL people are bad.
Ok to your question I have known around 50 dogs.

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Outside of mine...I probably know to see more dogs that I can name, but these are the dogs I would let into my home for play days and would adopt if something happened to their owner:

Ezra (Black Lab)
Kaci (Pit mix)
Brutus & Caesar (Mastiff twins)
Denni (Chocolate Lab)
Guinness (Chocolate Lab)
Starbuck (GSD)
Teela (GSD)
Jet (Border Collie)
Jack (Tri-Color Collie)
Benji (Portuguse Water Dog)
Mac (Daschund)
Lady (Greyhound)
Max (Greyhound)
Earl (Daschund)
Lady (Chi)
Sherlock (Basset)
Cherub (Black Lab)
Ralph (Yellow Lab)
Charlie (Pit Bull)
Delos (Police K9 GSD)
Porthos (CKCS)

And that probably would have been better said in a PM...not out in the open like that and embarrasing the OP...

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zoey's mom

Not saying I dislike all humans I have friends: Danny, Zach, Kelly, Ricky, Danny, Carly, and others. I am just pointing out my passion of dogs. I knew these dogs for years and getting to know more. I will not get hurt already somebody at my school died and everybody is sad including me. I coped my friends' loss over their friend and they felt better. I am very optimistic if you ask Lobo's owner she would say so. All of these dogs love me and everybody admits that too. More than they love themselves. I take care of half of these dogs too outside of dog park and spend many hours alone with them. Our relationships are healthy. I am also respecting Lobo's wishes like all of you said and I agreed to do and I am getting Lobo's love more. Our bond with these dogs and me will never cease to grow as long as I respect his wishes more often. Ask all of these owners they are good references. I hear so much on the news about bad people. People kill animals as if they are proud. I understand your concerns and I know not all people are bad but their are more bad people than few bad animals. When I get my own GS he will be more keen to me of course than anyone else no matter how long they knew him. Or who knows how my German shepherds will end up. They will be so happy to be living with me and grow into happy dogs! Lobo is very happy and is somewhat aloof but I accept that. But still pays attention to me when I am there a lot of the time. His favorite times with me are on walks. I no longer snuggle with him, I no longer hug, kiss, etc, again i am respecting his wishes. We still love hanging out with each other and is always beyond excited when we greet. Thanks for concern. I learn just to have a few friends (which i do my closets) you do not need many. you may not know this but I am very well known around bay area and somewhat elsewhere.

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@ zoey's mom

Also I am a lot more careful with Lobo now. No more face nearing thing, hugging, etc. Just do what he wants when he is in the mood. But we are over that now but do keep aware.

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I agree with you. There are a lot of bad people out there and very few bad animals. And half of those became bad because of people! I am glad you do have some close friends. I agree, its not quantity, its quality!I am glad to hear about the improvements in your and lobos relationship. It sounds like you get to spend a lot of time with dogs. I bet u see a lot of fun things with them!

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Oh my goodness. I can't remember people's names, much less remember dogs names. I know many, many dogs. I usually save face by saying "Hello Boy/Girl!".

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A couple:
Bella (Dalmatian)
Skylar (Golden)
Steven (Golden)
Riley (Malinois)
Shamus (GSD)

Not really going to get into the dog park people but a couple more could be added

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Hmm I know many but the ones I play and or take care of often are as follows

CYRUS~ Pitbull
JUNO~Cattahoula Curr Hound
Charlie ~Pitbull
Echo ~Pitbull
Duke~Boxer/Lab mix
Livi~hot dog mix...

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Trying to think of dogs I've been around in the past year (I have to limit it!)....

Flyball team:
Ping (BC)
Dwyn (BC)
Jolea (BC)
Lola (BC)
Splash (BC)
Brenna (BC)
Mushu (mix)
Luna (mix)
Schemer (mix)
Snoopy (mix)
Scrappy (mix)
Bargain (mix)
Twist (Lab)
Meg (Lab)
Rhythm (Mini Aussie)
Jive (Mini Aussie)
Phoebe (Belgian Sheepdog)
Marley (Belgian Sheepdog)
Pepper (JRT)
Caution (JRT)

Other flyball dogs I know/interact with (people that train with us or run dogs with our team, if it was all flyball dogs I "know" the list would be hundreds!)
Spirit (Sheltie)
Upshot (Staffy)
Wyatt (Lab)
Gimmick (Mix)
Veza (Malinois)
Tallon (Dutchie)
Heinz (Lab)
Hiroshi (pit bull)
Emma (pit bull)
Skippy (Aussie)

Dogs I've sold, previously owned, or fostered in the past 12 months
Ruger (GSD)
Luna (mix)
Remy (mix)
Pan (GSD)
Aslan (GSD)

Friends' and family dogs
Kastle (GSD)
Ike (GSD)
Eden (Corgi)
Poppy (Corgi)
Limit (Kelpie)
Robin (BC)
Gus (Portie)
Justin (Golden)
Peanut (mix)
Macy (Portie)
Griffon (Portie)
Music (Portie)
Lucy (Beagle)
Belle (Lab)
Della (Lab)
Lefty (Mix)
Rosie (Lab)
Varda (GSD)
Vala (GSD)
Varick (GSD)
Baika (GSD)
Kyra (GSD)
Ozzy (GSD)
Donovan (GSD)
Elena (GSD)
Deja (GSD)
Rogue (GSD)
Cypher (GSD)
Trauma (Malinois)
Vikus (Malinois)
Jax (GSD)
Jewel (GSD)
Lobo (GSD)
Ascha (GSD)
Aries (GSD)
Kane (GSD)
Lilly (Malinois)
Axel (mix)
Louie (mix)
Rommel (Dobe)
Esperanza (Dobe)
Idaia (GSD)
Clem (JRT)
Lola (GSP)
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