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How lucky am I?

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So my friend that owns the Natural Pet Supply store has a customer, now friend who is a dog trainer. I've chatted with Raud a lot and met his lovely GR Sadie on numerous occasions.

So last week my friend asked if I'd be interested in getting together with Raud, her and a few other folks on a weekly basis to train/work our dogs.

So tonight was our first get together.
Dante 4 years old
Tucker (Dante's buddy) 6 years old
Atos Doberman 8 months old
Gus Lab 8 months old
And of course Sadie who I don't know how old she is

This is going to be great!!!
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Depends on the trainer, lucky or unlucky.

I am curious, especially with your experiience as to why you think this relationship with a trainer is so good.
Raud and I have had a number of conversations about our training and I like his methods a lot, and his Sadie is awesome.

These Sundays are really about training with distractions and helping each other out when we hit walls with something.
Barb, you are also just up the road a bit from a trainer I traveled miles to train with. You are lucky indeed to have this situation working for you too!
Sounds wonderful Barb. Let me know how it goes. Perhaps we'll move in with you for a while and the four of us can take classes together!
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What a great opportunity! Great opportunity for you to show off Dante! Let us know how it goes.
There are a group of people where I walk Quynne (and sometimes Buddy) who regularly walk their dogs together and it is a wonderful opportunity for socialisation both for humans and dogs alike - especially if both the humans and the dogs are of a known positive quality. So, I think you are very lucky indeed, so the group will be lucky to have you and Dante join them.
"Perhaps we'll move in with you for a while and the four of us can take classes together! "

Is there room for me too????? How awesome!
Tonight should have been week two but it's 90+ degrees now so we're holding off until next week.
Don't blame you it is 98 here and I really should have some agility stuff out for Havoc.
I was early today so put Dante on a long line (Field isn't fenced) and we goofed off

(Taken with cell phone camera not the best)

Raud with Sadie and Cheri with Tucker arrived and so it was just the three of us tonight.
really turned out to be a lot of fetch with some training thrown in. With 2 other dogs and people there I went ahead and let Dante off line, we had a blast.

He's passed out on the floor behind me
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Oh he looks good! Have not seen pics of Dante in awhile!
Thanks Kathy, it has been awhile since I've posted any recent pictures of Dante.
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