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How long until canned food goes bad?

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How long can an opened can of food last in the fridge? I want to start adding a little to Brenna's food to both entice her to eat more and hopefully get a little weight on her. Due to the cost I really only want to mix in just enough to coat the kibbles (maybe a spoonful or two) but of course I don't want the food to go bad either.
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to me it starts smelling funny after 2-3 days. if i'm just using a dab as a treat or "enticement" i use cat food because it comes in smaller cans. (that, and the fact that i have two cats, lol.)
4-5 days for sure and maybe a little longer.
Originally Posted By: BowWowMeow4-5 days for sure and maybe a little longer.
thats surprising.

it could vary by brand / ingredients.

i use natural balance for the record.
My dogs eat different kinds. I think Chama is eating Nature's Variety right now and they used to eat Merrick. If you keep it covered it definitely lasts that long without smelling funky.
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