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I know to can take a good 4-6 weeks for a dog to recovery from a food allergy. What I want to know is, if I re-introduce a food, how long will it take to see a reaction? And, what is usually the first reaction?

My old girl (Sadie) has been doing great all winter long; no skin issues. It's warming up here in the midwest so we went out for a walk yesterday and she was running through a field. I noticed in the field there were a lot of weeds that appear to be some sort of thistle (dense green weeds that have a silver sheen to them; appear to be covered with very tiny needles). At one point, I saw Sadie directly step on one of them. Later that evening I noticed she was frantically licking that foot and it was beat red. In the past, her "food allergies" usually started out with foot licking that evolved into nasty yeast and bacterial infections all over her feet and belly.

Anyway, I wasn't totally sure what to do so I dipped her foot into some Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. She didn't like that so much, but I let it stay wet for about 5 minutes. Then I washed all of her feet and used my high velocity dyer to dry her feet. Her foot is no longer red and she hasn't licked her feet since and it's been over 24 hours now!

So, I'm starting to think her allergies are more environmental. I'd like to reintroduce some foods to see how she tolerates them.
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