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How long before food gets out of their system?

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Cash- my sensitive tummy/food allergies guy- has been doing well on Wellness Simple Food Solutions, but it's over $2/pound. With us temporarily on a single income, I'm trying to find something else he'll do well on, sticking to a single protein, single carb food. I tried Canidae chicken/rice and he's now got horrible itchies.

I switched him back to the straight Wellness, but how long before he stops itching? Anyone know?
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Interesting question and like so much in life, "it depends"--like with how long does it take for the most recently eaten meal to come out the other end? well, don't remember exact number of hours, but I very loosely figure morning meal waste comes out in evening, for example. And maybe longer (when my pup was a wild young thing, despite my watching, when my back was turned yea those few minutes, she grabbed a saran-wrapped snack aimed for my handyman off countertop; in a panic, called vet, and he said watch the stool for next day or so, and the last of the saran came out enmeshed with stool the next day.) Okay, that's it for waste as stools. But metabolically, no idea how long it takes for the assimilated-into-bloodstream effect to be totally used up/eliminated by kidneys and liver (I'm ashamed, should be able to figure that out, just not taking the time!)--probably a good day or so at least.

However, for the itching part......try elimination diet/changing to a quality dog food (see all the posts on this always-popular query) that does NOT have the common allergy-causing effect--common cracked corn, wheat, soy often bother. But I also believe it is usually necessary to add a supplement such as an oil-rich capsule or liquid, high in the correct omega oils......K-V vet catalog is good reference; for years I used I think it was Vita-Plus from Drs Foster&Smith. (but their prices went up so much, I discovered KV Vet, just a comparison note: for two other exact same name-brand products, it was a savings of $30-plus dollars!--you get free S&H if order is $50, not a problem since I'll always be using those items and I order enough to get the free s&h, sorry to digress!)

another consideration if itching like crazy, even one flea bite can cause awful fleabite dermatitis, and fleas can overwinter in the house........

well, good luck!
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I'm in the process of changing my dog's diet because of a sensitivity and the vet told me to do the elimination diet for 3 days.

If it's true that a sensitivity is the cause of his problems, then it takes him about 20 hours. I feed my dogs at about 5:30pm. When he started having problems, he would poop fine in the morning, I would come home at noon to let him out but he wouldn't poop, and then sometime between noon and 4:30pm when DH gets home he would diarrhea all over his crate. It happened several days in a row.
What is the protein and carb source in the Wellness that you are using?
Originally Posted By: LisaTWhat is the protein and carb source in the Wellness that you are using?
Brown rice and duck.
It's not surprising then that the canidae would be problematic. I think a lot of dogs have problems with chicken because it's so common in dog foods. Going from a more novel protein like duck to chicken, sounds like a problem. I also don't remember if canidae puts in other grains. I think Natural Balance and maybe Pinnacle also had duck foods? But they would be expensive too.

It takes a *long* time for some things to get out of their systems or for them to recover, but you should start seeing improvement in days.

There aren't new weeds or grasses in the yard that might be making the itching worse?
^natural balance has a duck & potato. also a fish & sweet potato. both are cheaper than wellness @ my local pet store. worth looking in to.
Camerafodder -- the pic in your avatar is such a happy expression -- it makes me smile
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Originally Posted By: LisaTCamerafodder -- the pic in your avatar is such a happy expression -- it makes me smile
ha, thank you! thats him about 18 hours a day
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