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Number of Hours in Crate

  • 4 to 5

    Votes: 74 45.7%
  • 7 or more with someone else letting them out during the day

    Votes: 34 21.0%
  • 7 or more straight

    Votes: 54 33.3%

  • Total voters
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We do not crate either of our dogs unless there is a health issue (spay ect… ). They have free roam of our very large, very heavily fenced backyard. When we are home, they are inside with us. When we are at work or sleeping they are outside in their yard. They have a large, covered kennel (door always open unless we need them inside it), a covered patio attached to the house with lots of bed options, dog houses ect… but they love there back yard and will choose to sleep in whatever new hole they have dug during the day. We have completely re-done our fencing so they are secure. We have cameras all over to make sure they are protected. We do daily training sessions with each dog separately, give them lots of exercise and attention and they really are perfect dogs. They bark when they are supposed to (other dog or human near their house... ) I know a lot of people swear you have to crate your dogs but I think with the right training and making sure your dogs are healthy and given the proper amount of attention, they do fine on their own in a backyard.
361 - 361 of 361 Posts