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In case that's confusing what I mean is.. is it ever possible to find a breeder and want to be put on a waiting list for like.. 2-3 years from now? I know that leaves a lot of "what ifs" open for a breeder trying to plan litters, but I also understand some breeders have pretty impressive waiting lists.

I've been seriously considering looking into a good working line GSD breeder, but I want to work with Odin more first and gain more knowledge and experience in dog sports before adding another working dog to the crew. Plus, with Noire being almost 9 i'm sure she's going to require more vet care as she ages and I want to make sure i'll be able to provide the best of everything for all of my dogs should I get a puppy.

I've been reading a lot on different lines and kennels and everything, and I figure if I give myself at least 2, maybe 3 years to prepare that gives me time to hopefully meet more dogs or speak with enough breeders to give me a better idea of what I want (and maybe what I don't want).

Should I wait to contact breeders until the time comes? Or is it common for people to inquire about a puppy this far ahead of when they're actually planning on bringing one home?
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