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I'm about 1-2 years off, kind of in the same boat as you are. Have a young (18 months) male who is just starting to mature and we are both just starting in the whole "sport world" thing (about 7 months into schH training). I am also just starting to get a preference in what I like and don't like in terms of traits for training and am just starting to recognize what lines seem to bring the traits I like and which ones bring the ones I don't, this is just by simply watching dog work, meeting new dogs, researching the lines via the internet, club members, breeders, knowledgable dog owners, handlers, TD's, etc..

I have list of about 10 kennels, both in the states and here in Canada that I am watching, but in reality only 3-4 of those kennels will I contact when the time gets closer, say a year or so away from when I think I am ready.

I don't mind waiting longer than my allotted time for the right breeding/puppy, so this will help in my search as I am not in a rush.

I would think that contacting breeders now and asking questions about their dogs, goals, bloodlines, training/titles/experience would only aid you in your research. I would just let them know up front that you are still a ways off from purchasing but would like to gather as much information as you can within that time. Reputable breeders would more than likely appreciate the thoughtfulness, research and patience you are showing as a potential owner.
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