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We use both methods at our club.

We use prong collars and "shock collars" for the more advance dogs/ones that it works for. It really is an individual thing, we tend to use what works best for each dog, so that varies greatly.

Stark was brought up (until 1 year) using "+" training methods. I did a lot of pet obedience/rally type excerises with him. He never got corrected, only redirected really.

When he started SchH we started with the prong and because I felt it was needed as a "ah ah" or a tug on his flat collar really didn't do it. He's a hard dog which means he really doesn't care about the correction when in drive.

I feel like there is a good balance in our club of both corrections and positive training methods. They really gear the training based on the dog and handler experience. I think this is key in ANY type of training situation. What will work for one dog may not work for another.

I would go, check it out, ask questions but really ask WHY they are doing things this way and/or that. Could be something you are not seeing, etc. which will explain the correction or that particular method of training.
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