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Ok I did some reading and can understand why no one answered my question. For the record it was merely curiosity, not 'hey a new thing i can do to my dog that is 'good for em''
i understand the merits of it in the protection phase but in regular training I dont see a point, seems you would loose trust with the dog quickly using this method.
Like anything else, it depends on how you use it. I've seen top level competitors apply it to puppies to work on creating a black and white context for paying attention to the handler. When used skillfully and in conjunction with rewards for doing the correct behavior, I've never seen it create a sad puppy. But if you haven't been instructed on how to correctly incorporate it in your's probably not something you should do.

To the OP- our club works primarily positive, however like everyone else has said, the dog needs to understand physicality with human beings and how to overcome pressure if it is to be successful.
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