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I have begun clicker training my GSD now for the past two months. He knows how to sit, stay, laydown, get it, and turn the lights off. But how do you teach some of these more challenging tricks like play dead, wave, wipe your paws, turn on the lights, and some of the things you see in these videos in this forum section? I have no idea where to even begin. My fella is still young and it is still challenging to keep his attention. Like I know he knows the tricks I have tought him really well but he doesn't always do them when asked.... I am also having a problem with him jumping up on me but mostly visitors that come into our home. He is very welcoming a little too much so to the point he will jump on them as soon as he sees them. He is very smart because I have only had him since July 2010 and he didn't know anything when I first got him. SO I guess it's how do I train myself to train him?
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