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Re: How do you teach corrective behavior, the comm

Originally Posted By: Wisc.TigerI also use "leave IT" and teach some what similar to Lisa, only I just put the treat on the floor.

Off - is for the dog to remove its body from something.

I don't use no with my dogs. I have a sound I use AUUTT. Use any sound or word you want, but no is really a short soft word compaired to what I or some others use.

When teaching behaviors, which a command is just a good behavior, you find opportunities to use the command help your dog to perform and then mark with "Good" off sit or what every.

For the Negative command, I give that followed shortly by a good command, alsways when the pup is young mark the good command. Once a dog is older I will give only the no type command. But when young I want to be able to reward a behavior, so I ask for something I can reward, like a sit, down or what ever.
This is exactly what we do... It has worked for us.
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