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I don't use NO because it can come up in conversation too much. If the dog hears the word and nothing happens the word loses it's 'power'.

I use AHCK! Like clock without the cl. I use it as an all purpose 'stop what you are doing' type command.

For training off I start with the least intrusive method possible. I want the dog to do the action on their own and get rewarded.

Our Chinese Crested LOVES to jump up on people. She stands on her back legs and paws at them. I start by telling people (before they meet her) to totally ignore her if she jumps on them. I stand next to them with loads of yummy treats. When she comes up and jumps I say Off, the people ignore her and soon she gives up and puts her feet back on the floor. I say GOOD OFF, give her a treat and the people are allowed to pet her.

Once I know she KNOWS that she's not allowed to jump on people (still working on that - she's SO darn happy to meet everyone
) then I will use a verbal correction. If that doesn't stop her I would move up to a physical one.

But for her, the most painful thing possible is to be ignored. And while this is a great motivator for training it also works against her in the self-control area.
Good thing she's not a Great Dane!!
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